200 guests, 68 speakers from 18 nations – excellent speakers proved their skills at the 1st International Speaker Slam in Düsseldorf. Christoph Theile, business coach and emotion expert, is one of the finalists and was awarded.

Hamburg, 26 August 2019 – Last Saturday evening a spectacular world record was set at the Nikko Hotel in Düsseldorf: 68 top-class speakers from 18 nations competed for the favour of the audience at the 1st International Speaker Slam in Düsseldorf – more speakers than ever before.

More than 200 listeners, representatives from the media and various economic sectors, were enthusiastic. The impulse lectures of the speakers, each lasting a maximum of five minutes, covered a wide range of topics, for example current issues from ethics, health and business. The atmosphere at the Speaker Award was excellent, there was no boredom, and every lecture was received with sheer endless applause.

Christoph Theile, the Hamburg speaker and CEO of EQTing Academy for Emotional Education, spoke about his big topic “Leadership needs emotions”. It was a challenge to deal with this complex topic in five minutes, but Theile succeeded in taking the audience on a captivating journey into his emotional world. According to his thesis, emotions are now fully accepted in all areas of private life such as relationships, concerts and football stadiums – but not in the workplace. There, according to Theile, they are consistently suppressed, kept beneath the surface and ultimately lead to mental illness and overburdening. And all this only to maintain the artificial harmony that is supposedly part of professional coexistence. It is the emotions that drive us, that create the feeling of success and the necessary community in the team. However, an astonished murmur went through the hall when Christoph Theile revealed the discovery of his seven-year research on emotions, saying that all our seven emotions are related to each other and follow clear, comprehensible laws. Thus they lose the aura of sudden storms and instead turn into highly efficient resources that are very effective in business life. Because of that, this knowledge csn accomplish internal and external conflicts and let them be steered with the own emotions and solved in high-speed.

The special format of the Speaker Slam was developed by the speaker and event professional Herman Scherer. For each speaker the clock is ticking mercilessly – in only five minutes the audience wants to be won with a specially conceived and freely presented impulse lecture. An expert jury consisting of media and communication experts as well as the audience decide who is the most convincing. The format is well received: Scherer breaks his own world record more often because more and more speakers prove their skills in this special competition.