World premiere of our Globe of Emotions®.

Emotions in leadership – finally a model with which everyone can get to know their emotions and consciously use them as a tool!
On September 03, 2020 we presented our new model Globe of Emotions® and celebrated virtually with almost 60 participants in a Corona-compliant manner. With the new 3D model of human emotions, everyone can recognize which need is not fulfilled by him or her and the counterpart. Thus, one knows precisely what has to be done to satisfy this need. The key to every conflict conversation!
Christoph Theile, head and heart of the EQTing Leadership Institute and developer of the Globe of Emotions, presented the new model in a keynote speech. His partners Dr. Holger Liekefett and Vittorio D’Alonzo introduced other areas of EQTing Leadership Institute.
Finally, the participants had the opportunity to take a closer look at and understand emotions and the Globe of Emotions® in smaller workshops.
Those who would like to get to know their emotions even better and use them as tools in the future, will learn everything they need to know in the seminars of the Institute.