The Globe of Emotions®

Much has already been reported about the Globe of Emotions®. But what exactly is this Globe, what can I use it for, what does it mean for the daily work as a leader and in the team?

The facts

12 years of development with an interdisciplinary team of experts, consisting of a mathematician, psychologist, medical doctor, computer scientist, business economist and biologist. Reflection with more than 10,000 people in trainings, coachings and lectures. 

7 basic human emotions (6 according to the American psychologist Paul Ekman) 

7 Emotions – how I experience them in my environment (northern hemisphere) 

7 Emotions – how I experience them in my own world (southern hemisphere) 

7 emotional laws for confident interaction with one another 

240 emotional terms – our conscious emotions language

The missing piece of the puzzle

Often the Globe of Emotions® has been referred to as a missing piece of the puzzle or an urgently needed link. The link between theory and practice, the link between understanding and expressing emotions, between understanding and using them.  

Today we have no emotions language (Simon Sinnek) 

Especially in the field of personnel development, it is mostly about communication, and thus always about emotions. It is obvious how many people find it difficult to put their emotions and feelings into words. So many conflicts arise from precisely this lack. Either avoiding conflicts or expressing themselves so clumsily that the ground is emotionally scorched and a future cooperation seems almost impossible. We have all experienced this, over and over again.  

Looking for the control panel our emotions 

Looking for the control panel our emotions 

In control of emotions – or in control of my emotions. Almost everyone is looking for that one toolbox to be and remain confident in emotionally challenging situations. We usually admire people who don’t let anything upset them, who don’t let themselves get carried away.  

With the Globe of Emotions® I learn to 

To recognize, understand and consciously activate my emotions 

Recognize means:
What emotion is surfacing in me or in my counterpart at the moment?  

Understanding means:
Which need is unfulfilled at this moment, in me and in my counterpart? Which emotion should I consciously use now to soften the situation, to get back to eye level with my communication partner. 

Activate means
This is how I consciously activate an emotion, this is how I initiate sequences of emotions or several emotions at the same time in order to achieve what was described under Understanding.