The Big Seven for EQTING® Leadership

The Big Seven for EQTING® Leadership

The Big Seven for

EQTING® Leadership

The secret of the top executives

The secret of the top executives

New in the leadership position –
With this training you successfully get started.

From the contents:

  • Leadership as a field of tension
  • My personal strengths and learning areas
  • The 7 basics of effective leadership
  • Different leadership styles and employee types
  • The EQTING® method with the Globe of Emotions® and the EQTING® laws in the goal oriented application
  • The 7 tasks of effective leadership
  • Specific features of current leadership styles
  • Development of my personal leadership identity
  • My leadership vision – “no vision – no leadership”
  • The art of emotional leadership – from smooth as glass to stormy.

You are able to:

  • control and use your emotions in leadership situations in a goal oriented way
  • make, communicate, and enforce decisions effectively
  • promote and challenge employees according to their strengths
  • build your own leadership vision and live it as a role model
  • grow employees into a team for the long term
  • motivate teams – from teamwork to team performance
  • lead critical discussions in demanding situations in a de-escalating manner

The seminar is intended for:

YOUNG POTENTIALS … for young leadership talents and ambitious managers with little leadership experience

We will gladly take time for you.