Emotion Score III/2019: 24.9%

… and it could be a little more …
People who take part in our training sessions are asked to fill out a questionnaire before the training begins. The so-called ESQ7 measures the current emotional status quo of the person tested, i.e. it delivers a result that shows how much of their emotions the person concerned is willing and used to using in everyday business life. In a comparison of private and business differences, the total number deviates by 2-3 percentage points.
We have been doing and developing this test since 2013. The basis has not changed significantly, but the different forms in which we pass the results on to the test persons have. Such a result has the same effect as a personal assessment of emotional competence. But that’s not exactly what it is. We rather have developed the test so that people can see how they can specifically simplify aspects of their daily (work) life with emotional training.
In the meantime, we have finished an astonishing number of questionnaires and decoupled the results from the people so that we can now fall back on average results.

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