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EQtex Emotions Uncovered

YOUR 7 EMOTIONS TEST. Learn more about your own success principles and personal set points for more emotional sovereignty
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Videocourse – Healthy emotions

3.5 hours of condensed knowledge about the 7 basic emotions and how we can use them to benefit our health ...
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Seminars & Coaching

Now available: Decoding Emotions - Your Path to Emotional Sovereignty, Part 1
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EQtex Emotions Uncovered

Access to your emotions

The 7 Emotion Test EQtex developed by Christoph Theile now offers every person the opportunity to learn more about their own success principles and personal set points. You will not only get to know a very interesting tool for your personality development, but you will also discover new approaches and perspectives for yourself through this individual evaluation. This is what the EQtex was created for.

We humans do not live detached and free-floating in space, but always together with other people in different relationships. The EQtex gives you structured hints where you stand emotionally in relation to your current professional and private situation. And that was not the whole story.

It also gives you first hints on how you can start to change your life by using your emotions.

Get a free trial access to our EQtex questionnaire and test yourself now.

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Healthy emotions Videocourse

Feeling healthy! Who would not want that.

“If my health is good, this desirable feeling arises.” that is the general opinion. But that is only part of the truth, because what and how I feel, conversely, largely determines my health.

This is not a theory but scientifically proven. But if that’s the case, the question arises: how can I improve my health with the help of my emotions?

Therefore we, the emotion experts Christoph Theile and Dr. Franz Sperlich, developed this basic course for you. In 10 entertaining lessons you will not only learn to recognize your basic emotions directly but also to use them specifically for you and your health.

As a special bonus, after successfully completing this course, you will receive an exclusive live webinar with Christoph and Franz and thus the opportunity to ask your personal questions. Sounds good? Then book your healthy emotions now.

Please note that at the moment this video course is only available in German.

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Decoding Emotions Online-Seminar Part 1

The emotional Code – decoded

The ability to accurately identify emotions and understand their drivers is now achievable for everyone.

Use the EQTING® method to massively increase your communication skills to stay emotionally stable and confident in challenging situations.

Welcome to the world of DECODING EMOTIONS!

You learn:

  • Current scientific and neurobiological findings on emotions for real life practice
  • Recognizing emotions with the multiple award-winning EQTING® method using the Globe of Emotions®.
  • Reading micro facial expressions and body language and mapping them emotionally
  • Understanding emotions and reacting consciously according to the emotional EQTING® laws

The two-day seminar is designed for:

  • Individuals who want to give their lives more scope for themselves or their family.
  • Managers and employees who want to consciously use their emotions for daily work, collaboration in work groups and meetings, public presentations and performances.


  • 03.08. & 04.08.2021
  • each day 9.00 – 12.00 AM & 02.00 – 05.00 PM

Please note that this seminar is held in German

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