Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

2. Self-Management

2. Self-Management

The entry into effective leadership is characterized by self-knowledge and external impact. What does it mean for me to be a leader, what expectations do employees and superiors and myself have of me in this position?

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Bases for effective Leadership

The foundations of effective leadership are the basis for every manager. What does leadership mean to me and which basic conditions and guidelines can I use to orient myself?

My strengths and learning fields

Each person is individual and unique with his or her set of strengths and weaknesses. A precise analysis is a prerequisite for sustainable development – and therefore necessary for every manager. Blind spots should be resolved.

Recognize – comprehend – activate Emotions

After Emotions Elementary it is important to make emotions usable in leadership. The work on one’s own fields of development is accelerated through the conscious use of emotional forces.

The Role of Leadership

In these roles, and thus in resulting conflicts, I find myself in a leadership role. Who are my stakeholders? Who should I do justice to and who not?

Dealing with personal beliefs

What are my personal beliefs? How can I use them constructively and, if necessary, dissolve them?

My leadership qualities

In this way I use my recognized leadership qualities for effective leadership. The quick change between my personal and preferred leadership styles is trained in practical exercises.

Become a resilient leader.

Resilience in the leadership position is one of the most important core competencies. With the Globe of Emotions® the participants train this ability in challenging practical exercises.

Final exercise