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CEO – Chief Emotion Officer

After studying business mathematics and food marketing, Christoph Theile was responsible for personal development in large German retail companies for many years. Since 2008, he has worked as a trainer and business coach for management levels of corporations and medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad. Today, he is the managing director of EQting GmbH and has received several awards for his work since 2016. In 2017, he won the HR Excellence Award in the field of executive development.

Awards and Honors

Customer testimonials

Christoph Theile with EQting and his Globe of Emotions®: for me indisputably the number 1 in Germany for emotional confidence in the company.

Hermann Scherer

For me personally, simply the guru when it comes to emotions in business.

Sven Schulze

I recommend EQting to anyone who really wants to put their business on the fast lane because I know emotions spell the future!

Katja Propfe

Christoph Theile impressed me greatly with his depth and his empathy. He is calmness personified and can recognize emotions very quickly and deal with them. I was allowed to experience him live on stage, he has developed a ball of emotions that helps to quickly recognize the state of emotions. Very authentic and competent. Thank you for the inspiring time, I was able to take home valuable tips. THANK YOU, always gladly again!

Rita Graf

What is the Globe of Emotions? What do empathy and emotions have to do with good leadership? Why are emotions so important for professional (and private) success? Christoph Theile is THE expert on this. His lecture was funny, entertaining and very inspiring. Christoph Theile lives what he does and does what he lives. Highly recommended.

Raika von Lentz

Christoph Theile’s presentations are sensational. He manages to bring an extensive topic to the point with ease and humor in a very short time. He generates new perspectives and thus creates the basis for personal development. Thank you for the impulse fireworks!

Ingo Stefan

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