Open Seminars

Open Seminars

Neuro-Emotional Leadership

Neuro-Emotional Leadership

The innovative and excellent EQTing method

Rediscover your manager! In a 3-day workshop, you will learn how to use the power of your emotions to lead customers, patients and employees, to precisely recognize, understand and use emotions as a basic instance of our thoughts and actions. In self-leadership and interaction with others, you will develop a competence that will increase your results in the long term.

In employee leadership, it offers an amazing approach to the development of self-responsible teams. In dealing with customers and patients, it increases clarity and thus adherence and customer loyalty. Experience double benefit through your trainer team Christoph Theile and Dr. Franz Sperlich, who offer you this knowledge from business, practice and science in an extraordinary combination and trainer competence.

From the content…

Day 1: Self Guidance

    • Brain Basics – how and what our brain is made for.
    • Introduction in the world of emotions. Scientific foundation.
    • A biological basis for capacity and health.
    • Globe of Emotions® and the 7 basic emotions after the EQTING method.
    • Brain to brain – how communication works.
    • Micro facial expression and body language: recognizing emotions and labelling them
    • The personal regulation of emotions

Day 2: Conducting clients and patients

    • Basics of emotional communication
    • o Micro facial expression and body language:
      • Riemann‘s / Thomann’s cross: whom do I face?
      • Recognize client’s emotions
      • Speak about emotions
      • How my emotions affect others
    • Mirror training with the Globe of Emotions®

Tag 3: Conducting managerial staff

    • Basics of conducting members of the staff
    • …then my colleagues like to follow me
    • A biological basis for a successful team
    • Delegation and Motivation
    • Toolkit for conflict management
    • o Final round and certificate handover