Defining NET

NET = Neuro Emotional Transformation


Neuro refers to the neural nervous and sensory system that controls our entire physical and mental life. With it we process all the information of our inner and outer world. Our thinking, feeling and wanting is anchored in our brain.


When we become aware of our emotions, we call them feelings. Emotions are the forces behind our thinking and acting. They allow us to experience a wide variety of states – from happiness to anger and from panic to enthusiasm.
What then is neuro-emotional? The way in which we sometimes react automatically is through neuronally stored experiences within the brain. Conscious emotionality is able to adapt and change these reaction patterns – within a very short time.


Transformation is the process of change – to move from a current ACTUAL state to a desired TARGET state. So what is Neuro Emotional Transformation about? When an idea for change, combined with the right emotions, becomes reality.

In the meantime, the topic of emotions is becoming more and more conscious and important in the media and companies. In the time of digital transformation, people must not be forgotten. NET offers exactly the missing piece of the puzzle.

NET can be used for…

NET is a method for personal development with implementation energy. For all those who want to discover and develop their own abilities, potential and communication skills, NET is the direct way. In challenging and confusing situations, people are repeatedly attacked by neural disorder, which results in excessive demands and stress.

Everything we experience in the course of our lives is accompanied by more or less conscious emotions and stored in the limbic system of the brain. In challenging situations these experiences are activated as reaction patterns so quickly that we literally feel overwhelmed by our emotions. As a result, we can no longer think clearly and do things that make us believe our emotions are real troublemakers. But the real “culprits” are our reaction patterns that run unreflected at such points.

The targeted, reflected and conscious use of our own emotions gives us the opportunity to change these reaction patterns so that they once again correspond to our idea of orderly action. NET provides structure and clarity and leads to inner and outer sovereignty.

The NET-Circle©

The NET-Circle© is the tool in which all 7 NET-Emotions are represented in different intensities, needs, functions and dependencies to each other. Using the NET-Circle emotions, feelings and behaviour of human nature can be understood, explained and made conscious in internal and external communication. NET influences our thinking, feeling and wanting – and thus the behaviour of ourselves and of the people in our environment.

Below you can find some examples of exactly what you can use and apply NET for

Discovering your own identity
Development of potential and dealing with one’s own strengths / weaknesses
Confident communication
Regulation of unpleasant excitement
Conflict Management
Turning change processes into transformation processes
Holding Presentation and having stage presence
Emotional control in competitive sports

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