Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

3. 1:1 Leading of staff members

3. 1:1 Leading of staff members

The successful executive promotes communication, inspires and creates the effective working environment for satisfaction with ideal results. To achieve this, the effective leader needs a well-filled toolbox for every opportunity based on the EQTING method.

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(Ac)know(ledge) my colleagues

Every manager needs as many management styles as there are employees. How do I recognize the needs and strengths/weaknesses of my counterpart? To do this, we need a typology of employees that has been tried and tested in practice.

Building Trust

Trust is the basis of a good relationship between manager and employee – equally a delicate plant. How does trust develop and how do I maintain it as a manager in the long term and sustainably? How does a robust leadership situation develop with my employees? Across all generations.

Develope Objectives

Precise and effective goals are a basic requirement for delegation and feedback and are part of the methodological case. What distinguishes a technically correct smart goal from an emotional one with motivating power?

Effective communication

Communication is the key to human interaction. In times of virtual conferences, home office, e-mail flood and personal conversations one of the biggest challenges for managers. Successful feedback is the basis for an appreciative relationship.

Effective Delegation

Effective delegation is almost an art and requires the whole toolbox including the EQTING method in interaction. With successful delegation and appropriate control the basis for the later team success is laid.


There is a myth surrounding the topic of motivation. Can we actually motivate people? Existing methods that lead to success? This requires a deep and fundamental examination of a central leadership topic. How does a manager motivate effectively?

Conducting critical conversations in difficult situations

Conducting critical discussions confidently and successfully is one of the most challenging demands on managers. Dealing with surging and suppressed emotions can be mastered confidently by actively using the Globe of Emotions®. Recognize, understand and activate emotions. The key to successful 1:1 conflict management.

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