The corona crisis currently brings many people to the edge of their emotional resilience: worries about their health, family, the economic situation and the future are a burden, leading to insomnia, irritability and aggression.
At the same time, there are many opportunities to regain emotional stability, share worries and “let off steam” – sports, meeting friends, exchanging ideas with colleagues or visiting the hairdresser or the bar.

The current situation affects almost all professions and social classes. On the one hand, that’s good because everyone is in the same boat. But it is also highly explosive because suddenly a many are also plagued by fear. There are no solid anchors, the stability, the famous rock solid.

“As an emotions expert, coach and speaker, I see a personal risk in addition to the health and economic danger posed by the Corona crisis. Domestic quarantine, social isolation and fear of the future lead to violent thoughts and in extreme cases to domestic violence. The human emotions, currently lacking the channel, seem to be exacerbating the crisis. “

Christoph Theile is convinced that they are the key to the solution. Because just as the emotionality of a person stirs up his fears and increases the willingness to use violence, it is also responsible for confidence, joy, acceptance of difficult situations and helpfulness. Those who know and understand their own emotions well can use them specifically as a tool to generate stability and optimism for themselves and those around them – and thus actively counteract the effects of the crisis.

With the EQTING Globe of Emotions® concept, everyone can learn to recognize, understand and activate their own emotions and those of their counterpart – and thus become emotionally stable. In this way I can help to make the personal effects of the Corona crisis as positive as possible. Because emotions are not the problem, but the solution.