EQTing GmbH

EQTing GmbH is a company for training and further education.  The central guiding principle, which runs through all our offers, is the subject of emotions. In order to meet this demand, the founders Christoph Theile and Stefan Sohst have developed their own training method – the EQTing Method.

The artificial name “EQTing” with the first two letters EQ stands for “Emotional Quality”. The Ting is borrowed from the Chinese and means “emotional listening”. In ancient China it was already known that conscious listening requires the attention of all senses and the correct inner attitude. The French “écouter”, which also means “to hear”, was created by coincidence. The EQTing method with all its designations, emotional levels and surprising dependencies is reflected in the Circle of Emotions©, which is the central tool for all seminars and coaching sessions.