Effective Leadership

Effective Leadership

1. Emotions Elementary

1. Emotions Elementary

Emotions Elementary is the introduction to emotional stability. Learn about your 7 basic emotions, train practical application in daily life and professional tasks. Emotional Basics is the groundwork for further pieces of training.

From the content

Scientific foundation

From Ekman to neurobiological comprehension of the functioning of our brain. The power behind our thoughts and feelings.

Globe of Emotions®

The innovative and award-winning method for emotional independence. 7 emotions with their laws and mechanisms after the EQTING method. A clear definition of basic emotions.

Micro facial expression and body language

Recognizing and naming my own emotions and those of my counterpart. How my emotions affect my counterpart and vice versa.

Applicability in daily communication

Using the EQTing method in daily life. From active listening, determined implementation, making decisions, giving and taking feedback. The path to emotional resilience.

Your advantage

Emotions Elementary is aimed at managers and employees who want to consciously use their emotions in their daily work, collaboration in working groups and meetings, public presentations and performances, as well as private individuals who want to give their lives more room to shape themselves or their families. You will learn how to handle your own emotions with confidence. Emotions Elementary is the basis for all further emotional education at EQTING Academy.