Professional Leadership

Professional Leadership

5. Emotions Advanced

5. Emotions Advanced

Emotions Advanced brings you on the training path from emotional stability to emotional sovereignty with the EQTING method. The focus is on activating your own emotions and those of your counterpart

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My Emotional Reactivity

Mastering your own emotional reaction. Build up your own time buffer to enable quick-witted and controlled reaction.

Emotional Vocabulary

The development of emotional vocabulary is necessary for an emotional conducted communication. The training focusses on the deliberate use and dealing with emotional words.

Emotional Parallelism

Training of the parallel development of emotions. Use of the emotional laws with complementary and double-complementary emotions.

Emotional analytics

To recognize, identify and feel exactly the emotion of my counterpart. Empathic perception beyond body language and micro facial expressions.

Undivided attention

During a conversation, give your conversation partner undivided attention over a long period of time. The prerequisite for recruiting and crisis talks.

Emotional precision

Activate your own emotions in different intensities to the point. Train fast changes between emotions.


Learn to call up emotional sequences consciously and precisely. To use single emotions, complementary and double complementary for the emotional work.