The current coronavirus crisis is taking many people to the edge of their emotional resilience: worries about health, family, the economic situation and the future are a heavy weight to bear, leading to insomnia, irritability and aggression.

At the same time, many opportunities for regaining emotional stability through are lost, whether it’s sharing worries, meeting friends at a bar, exchanging ideas with colleagues, venting through sports or having an appointment at the hairdresser. This situation affects almost all professions and social classes.

In one way it is good, because we are all in the same boat. But it is also highly explosive, because suddenly the entire population is plagued by fear. Many are missing the solid anchors and stability. As an Emotions expert, coach and speaker, I recognize a personal danger by the corona crisis, which does not only affect health and economical situations. Domestic quarantine, social isolation and fear of the future can lead to violent thoughts and even domestic violence in extreme cases.

Human emotions which do not have a channel to express themselves seem to exacerbate the crisis. I am convinced however, that they are exactly the key to solution. Emotions are also responsible for confidence, joy, acceptance of difficult situations and the willingness to help.

If you understand your emotions well, you can use them as a tool to create your own stability and optimism, for your environment and yourself. This way you counteract the effects of this crisis in an active way.

With the EQTing Circle of Emotions concept, everyone learns to recognize, understand and activate proper emotions and others, so you become emotionally stable. Through this, I can help you to make the personal effects of the Corona Crisis as positive as possible, because emotions are not the problem, but the solution.