The experts for the change in perspective

The experts for the change in perspective

Meet our interdisciplinary team for your success.

Every business enterprise has once started with an idea, whether as a start-up in a garage or a concept among friends, the business ratio determines the future development of the company more than ever, therefore it is fundamental to optimize the business in all areas.

The strategic flipchart sparring

is an analysis together with business decision-makers and their key players. What are your goals? Which are your important topics and challenges? Define your aims as clearly as possible.


Management conferences, customer events and strategy meetings. An EQting consultant will perform a sovereign moderation and letting the participants keep space for concentration, focus on the substantial and finally contribute to the development of valuable results.

The guiding principle and corporate identity

Corporate identity as an element of successful enterprises. It contains Corporate Design and ensures staff members loyalty and identification with your company. The guiding principle, mission and vision are the relevant elements for strategy and communication.

Staff surveys

A central and regulating variable for business management is a regular employee survey. The identification of “pain points” and development perspectives from the employee’s point of view is in fact as a crucial element for growth and lasting success.


When a little plant grows into a big tree that is deeply rooted with many years of experience and it also bears the best fruits, you might suppose that a confident and most experienced advisor had accompanied it in its development. He will take care of the tree in the future and keep it vigorous with its various facets. Stable, strong and sound, growing and healthy. An attractive place to be.

We will gladly take time for you.