Company – Who we are

The EQting Leadership Institute serves ambitious and experienced leadership talent – and is a place for change. 

“Managers with emotions? A contradiction in terms!”

We know. We look at it differently. We are committed to the development of managers who have visions and can implement them with emotional confidence.

Active. Consistent. Effective.

Why us

The EQting Leadership Institute establishes culture through emotional sovereignty leadership in a whole new way. 

Emotional confidence is the ability to recognize, understand and activate one’s own emotions.
Radically clear. Discomfortingly honest. Impressively simple.

„Simply impressive“

Emotionally confident.
From glassy to stormy.

We gladly take time for you

What is changing

Emotions. Change. Leadership.
EQting® Leaders experience and show themselves emotionally confident in the dynamic and constantly changing leadership environment.

Recognize. Understand. Activate.
Through your emotional competence you create elementary trust and psychological security in your teams.

I can. I will. End of Story.
You ensure sustainable business success through effective implementation of your goals and visions.

EQting® is our brand name and means Emotional Quality in Listening.

In Chinese, the character “ting” stands for: I listen to you like a king, look at you with 10-fold attention and perceive you like with a heart.

Registered Trademarks

EQting® as word trademark
Globe of Emotions® by Christoph Theile



Accreditation of the curriculum for “certified executive EQting® with TÜV Rheinland qualification”


EQting® Leadership Institute on TV at RTL, Pro7, Sat1 and N24

International Keynote “EMOTION IT” at the Online-convention Vision 2020

EQting® Leadership Institute on TV at Hamburg1

Globe of Emotions® replaces Circle of Emotions

Christoph Theile in a Podcast episode of “Steingarts der 8. Tag” with “Emotional Confidence”


Hermann Scherer Speaker Award with “Emotional Leadership”


Winner of HR Excellence Award in the categorie Leadership Development with “Emotional Leadership”


2. place DVCT-Award Coaching and Training with “Emotional Leadership”


Xing/Fokus TopCoach Award for Christoph Theile in the 2 categories “Leadership” and “Team Development”


Kickoff Development of “Emotional Leadership” with the Circle of Emotions



Christoph Theile becomes exclusive managing director


Foundation of further locations in Berlin, Vienna and Valencia


Renaming in EQting GmbH


Company headquarters in Hamburg (Home of Emotions) is established


Christoph Theile becomes 2. managing director


Foundation of the GmbH