Human Ressources Excellence Award

Top performances in HR deserve an award. The HR Excellence Awards honor innovative beacon projects in HR management.

Winner EQTing GmbH with clients TOP radio marketing
Emotional Leadership – Leading with emotions/span>

Development of emotional sovereignty of the executives of Top Radio GmbH & Co KG in the programming area based on the concept of Emotional Leadership. It starts with a keynote for all employees, followed by the emotional analysis ESQ7, an employee survey, the training “Emotional Leadership” and a subsequent online training for sustainability.

Armin Braun, Managing Director of Medienzentrum Berlin, with whose management team we jointly won the HR Excellence Award, summarized the training success:

1. our meetings have been significantly shortened
2. we always go out with results.
3. We have learned to listen to each other in an entirely different way.

7 Emotions have found their way into daily interaction, significantly less internal e-mails and more direct communication.


Coach & Trainer Award 2016


The future belongs to innovations in the areas of coaching and training. In the context of the DVCT Award, participants present their new concepts and methods in a clear and understandable way. Innovations are presented to a broad public and evaluated by experts from the world of personnel and work.

In today’s concepts of emotional interaction, gestures, facial expressions and language are the central developmental areas; it is all about perception, recognition and understanding of one’s own emotions and those of the other person. What is new about EQTing’s “Emotional Leadership” concept is the approach to not only perceive and passively process one’s own emotions, but to be able to use them in a targeted way – in leadership and in the team.

Hermann Scherer Excellence Award

Forget what you have heard about emotions. In the past, emotions controlled us, today we control them. In the past we condemned emotions, today they are our basis for success and change. In the past, emotions were uncontrollable, today we know the rules and laws that govern them.

How do you consciously and purposefully use your emotions as a powerful resource and move people? Christoph Theile won an award in the 1st International Düsseldorf Speakerslam with his discoveries from his seven years of research on emotions.

Focus & Xing 2016

Top Coach

Awarded as elite coach for managers and team developers.

As the result of an independent study conducted by the market research institute Statista in cooperation with XINGCoaches and Focus, the top coaches for 2016 in Germany were identified.
Christoph Theile was awarded for his outstanding work as an Elite Coach.