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Emotions determine our daily life. Any kind of communication, cooperation and collaboration is based on emotions. With EQTing people can learn to consciously experience, control and use their emotions.  With EQTing’s concept, people learn to recognize, understand and activate their emotions – and they learn what effects their emotions have on persons you are directly dealing with. And the special thing about this concept is that emotions also follow rules. Based on these surprising findings, EQTing’s method has won several awards.

Seven basic emotions are the basis of the concept, which the EQTing GmbH has developed in seven years of research with representatives from mathematics, psychology, neurology and business. Emotions are the original power we humans possess. Therefore they are the strongest and most effective resource in our daily life.  For many years we have learned to focus our priorities on logic, processes and structures. Nowadays we are becoming more and more aware that sovereign emotionality is the necessary complement to digitalisation. No change process ends successful without emotional focussed people. If people are not emotionally picked up and taken along in these processes, these projects fail – as we have experienced hundreds of times before.  

The EQTing Academy offers an education and training program for companies, trainers and coaches, especially in the areas of emotions, leadership and change management. 



Christoph Theile über die EQTing Methode

Kommt die zweite Welle?

The corona crisis brings many people to the edge of their emotional resilience: worries about health, the family, the economic situation and the future weigh on them, lead to insomnia, irritability and aggression. With the EQTing method you learn how to get a crystal clear access to your emotions. Recognize emotions – understand emotions – consciously activate emotions

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Keynotes for companies

Auf Anfrage
Keynote of 30-45 minutes followed by discussion - online
  • Themen der Impulsvorträge mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten.
  • Ängste in der Krise meistern
  • Mit emotionaler Souveränität durch die Krise
  • Veränderungsprozesse bewusst mit der Kraft der Emotionen zum Erfolg führen.

Busines--Crisis-Coaching one on one

Auf Anfrage
Business-Coaching with an experienced EQTing-Business-Coach. Especially in times of crisis, emotional stability is highly important in order to create safety within your teams.
  • Umgang mit den eigenen Ängsten und Sorgen - und mit denen meiner Mitarbeiter/innen
  • Führung auf Distanz im Homeoffice
  • Strategieentwicklung in der Krise - was passiert, wenn die Krise vorbei ist?

Trainings / webinars in your virtual classroom

22.09. 16 Uhr
Basics in emotional stability for teams and leaders
  • Im virtuellen Klassenraum mit einem erfahrenen EQTing-Emotionen-Trainer
  • Allen nötigen Seminar-Features sind online vorhanden: Plenum / Arbeitsgruppen / Pausen / Catering / Seminarunterlagen & Praxisübungen
  • Emotionale Stabilität nach der preisgekrönten EQTing Methode und dem EQTing Circle of Emotions(c).
  • Anmeldung bitte per Mail:
  • office@eqting.com